With humor we can communicate the toughest topics, helping to take conscious.

The humor also reduces stress, boosts health, strengthens motivation, stimulates innovation and promotes learning.

Wall in the Metro of Buenos Aires, in memory of the terrorist attack to the AMIA.



  • Santiago Cornejo is a professional cartoonist that sign as “Corne”.
    • His cartoons are being published, or has been published in hundreds of magazines and newspapers around the world (Germany, Austria, Switerzerland, USA, Colombia, Australia, Italy, UK, China, Argentina, Chile, etc).
    • He has published more than 50 books around the world with recompilations of his cartoons or with Children´s illustrations.
    • A collection of Greeting Cards with Corne cartoons is sold in USA and UK. And also T-shirts, games, mugs, mouse pads and other merchandising products.


  • Since 2001 he started to publish in MAD magazine in Germany (the most famous humor publication of the world) every month his full-page cartoons without words, where he continue collaborating.
    • He also publish in other prestigious humor magazines like Nebelspater (Switzerland), the oldest humor magazine of the world (140 years old). And has published in others like Cracked (USA), MAD Kids (USA), etc.

Catrasca / Enroc

• His cartoons has been in covers for different magazines and newspapers and in publicity they have been used by companies like Burger King, HSBC, Boehringer Ingelheim, banks, etc.
• He is also the director of a humor publication called “Catrasca” and is the owner of two companies: “ENROC illustration"and “Catrasca Communication” (creating funny content, games, illustrations and animations for hundreds of companies).


  • He has received prizes in more than 50 cartoon contests around the world (contest like “Marostica” Italy, “Piracicaba” Brazil, “Tourism Cartoon” Turkey, between many others). His cartoons have been also exhibited in hundreds of festivals around the world (Knokke-Heist, Universidad de Alcalá, etc).


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